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Call to complete LISI survey on anchoring impact in investment term sheets

Legal Innovation for Sustainable Investments (LISI) is holding a survey to learn about anchoring impact in investment term sheets.

LISI provides an open platform for investment, legal experts, and investment stakeholders to co-create and engage in dialogue. LISI aims to make and promote quality and accessible legal instruments that benefit all stakeholders and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive society.

The survey is designed to help LISI establish the key questions and clauses necessary to build a true impact term sheet.

The survey provides a number of clauses and questions you can choose from and has a few open-ended questions. LISI is seeking respondents with some understanding of term sheets, investment, or finance.

If you fall into one of the following categories, please consider completing the survey:

- investment legal counsels/lawyers/notaries

- legal counsel or investment/governance professional at civil society organisations

- legal counsel or investment/governance professional at governmental bodies

- investment account manager


- sustainability managers

The completion time is about 10 minutes.

To start the survey please click on this Link to LISI's Impact Term Sheet - Key Questions and Key Clauses - External Survey, powered by Survey Monkey.

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