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Time for a RESET: Shaping Economic and Legal Foundations, 14 Oct 2020

Time for a RESET: Shaping Economic and Legal Foundations Wednesday 14 October 2020 esela Online Weekly Series

8 am EDT | 1 pm BST | 2 pm CEST | 8 pm HKT

During this ‘in conversation’ #eselaonline session, we will explore the imperative for economic system change, what this looks like in practice, and what legal foundations are needed for the system to be reset.

We will look at how global coalitions and campaigns like Imperative21 and B Lab UK’s System Upgrade are calling for a redesign of our economic system, and how law can be used to bring this change about.

Join the session to find out how challenging the concept of shareholder primacy can lead to a human-first economy. Speakers

  • Charmian Love – Chair and Co-Founder of B Lab UK and Entrepreneur in Residence at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (Moderator)

  • Robert Eccles - Visiting Professor of Management Practice at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and Senior Adviser to the Boston Consulting Group

  • Rick Alexander - Founding Partner and CEO of the Shareholder Commons

  • Kelly Clark Director of Finance and Capital Market Transformation at The Laudes Foundation

Optional pre-read Read the Imperatives for Economic System Change, developed by Imperative21 to articulate how to RESET the economy by designing for interdependence, investing for justice, and accounting for stakeholders. Read Bob Eccles’ article ‘Crunch Time: Global Standard Setters Set The Scene For Comprehensive Corporate Reporting’ on the foundational work of the NGOs whose missions are aligned with the ‘goal to establish a global set of standards for companies to report on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance—or so-called “non-financial information”’. Read 'Sustainable Finance: A New Policy Agenda Supporting Investor-Sanctioned Guardrails', The Shareholder Commons article on their White Paper proposing a legal shift from shareholder primacy to stakeholder capitalism.

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Click here to find out how to access the recordings and materials.

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